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11-20: cbabcddaba
21-30: dccdacbcda
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51-60: baadbcdbcc
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(6a) chief koko was regarded untouchable.
(6b) the expression tells us of the governors pragmatic approach.
(6c) it was because of the neccesity to widen the roads. (6d) the driver did not want to die.
(6e) it was because the governor decided to bulldoze the house himself.
(6f) Chief Koko did nothing.
(i) Adverbial phrase.
(ii) it modifies the verb ‘had’.
(6h)”…….the mansion collapsed like a pack of cards.
(I) assumed – expected.
(II) retreat – going back
(III) specified – particular.
(IV) showed up – arrived.
(V) collapsed – fall(7a)
(i) robots are accurate and effective.
(ii) robots do not complain.
(iii) robots work under any condition
(7b)The advantage human being has over Robot are as follows:
(i) human being are rational thinkers who can control themselves
(ii)human beings are problem solvers.
(iii) humans uses their intellect in the performance of their duties without control.
The admirers of robot thinks that robots are more efficient than human becuase,
i-Damaged parts of robots can be replaced and still work efficiently unlike human beings
ii-they work with precision without getting bored unlike human beings
iii-They can work without complaining or getting tired unlike human beings
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