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Mr. tao THE SUCCESSORS By Jerry Agada

Tekura Atsen - potter in provincial hotel who later became a tycoon, 2nd child of Matthew Atsen, born 1945.
Okoh Ameh - co-worker of Tekura who ended up living an impoverish & miserable life.
Mr Eze - rich customer of provicial hotel & Tekura's role model. Died July 1967 in a riot in Kano.
Mr Gordon Finlay - expatriate manager of the provincial hotel where Okoh & Tekura worked.
Matthew Atsen - Tekura's father. A farmer and catechist. Teacher at St Gregory Roman Catholic Mission (RCM).
Magareth - wife of Matthew, mother of Tekura & daughter of Ezekiel Onah from Obudu.
Msendoo - first child & daughter of Matthew Atsen, born 1942.
Terngu - third child and 2nd son of M. Atsen, born 1947. Teacher at RCM school in Adikpo.
Mwuese - 4th child & daughter of M. Atsen, born 1949. Married to a soldier.
Ngodo - 5th child & daughter of M. Atsen, born 1951.
Mimidoo - 6th child & daughter of M. Atsen, born 1953. She was the one who gave Tekura food when he visited home.
Iorfa - Matthew's nephew.
Nguher - wife of Terngu, mother of David Atsen & daughter of Matthias Tyowua (the village school master).
David Atsen - son of Terngu, nephew of Tekura who inherited his wealth, born 1971.
Fr Martin Wolfgang - German priest who conducted M. Atsen & Margareth marriage in 1938.
Rev Fr Mckinnon - wiry irish presiding Priest.
Torwase - girl Magareth wanted Tekura to marry.
Anthony Ngtsay - marriage to be conducted by Rev Fr Mckinnon. Iorfa sent to him to inform delay of his wedding.
Sgt Ameh Oyilo - Okoh Ameh's father and war veteran who fought in Burma during world war 2, married to Eyum, Onyema and Enewa.
Eyum - mother of Okoh Ameh, whose petty-trade was booming & monopolized as a result of the effectual departure of the ibos caused by the Biafra war.
Adole - Okoh's step brother. Helped him carry his load when he went home for his marriage.
Maria - Okoh's 19 years old wife & daughter of Ochai Ojobo (palm wine tapper).
Owoicho - Okoh's classmate, met on train, supplies grains, yams & foodstuffs via train, taking advantage of the effect of the war on the ibos' businesses.
Okoh's Children - Ifenne, Agbo, Veronica, Innocent, Emmanuel, Ada & Ene.
Helen - Tekura's secretary at Tesen.
Mama Faith - ogogoro seller in Makurdi who moved there in 1976 from Ughelli.
Mfa Agera & friend (not named)- fellow drunkards with Okoh, who saw nothing wrong with teenagers smoking. His friend was a mini drug dealer who claimed it helps teenagers become creative/ great artiste.
Chief Samson Ofega - rich man living in GRA & Terkura's client who at first didn't pay him his balance but later paid it.
Cecilia - Okoh woman friend (lover) who had left her husband & 4 children in the village.
Josiah - Cecilia's patron who had the intention to fight Okoh when he was knocking on her door with no response.
Onyeche - classmate of Ifenne in secondary school who he wanted to date/attract whose house he went to only to be scared off by her dogs.
Oga Olu - rich disciplined hardest working bus driver in Markurdi with 6 other buses, whose children were in tertiary institutions, for whom Ifenne worked for as a conductor.
Agnes - married woman & mother of two, once won a beauty pageant in Benue State poly in 1985 who had a secret affair with 20 years old David Atsen.
Mr Aduke - staff in St Elizabeth Girls secondary sch who wanted to see Ene & Mwuese before they left the school.
Mwuese Ayem - daughter of Torkwase (maybe the girl Magareth wanted Terkura to marry), who later got married to Ifenne.
Ene Anyebe - Okoh's last daughter & roommate of Mwuese in St Elizabeth. Later got married to David Atsen.
Mary Ejembi & Dooshima Hemba - school/class mates & friends of Ene & Mwuese.
Iorfa-Achir - 23 years old man who I inferred (1) isn't the Iorfa/nephew of M. Atsen (2) disvirgined 18 years old Mwuese Ayem, who later died 2 years later of AIDS.
Ezekiel Agugu - influential life patron & former president of makurdi reform club 1950 (1950 is when the club was established). David chose him as his referee to get himself among those on top hierachy & as the chairman of his wedding.
Chief I.O Afeten of NPR - Ifenne's opponent for governorship.
Justice Azenda Ver - white-haired state chief judge who swore in Ifenne as governor.
Mercy Lovefest - phone operator at the hotel Ifenne lodged, who he tried to lure to bed but failed because of the hotel staff policy.
Jacinta - high class wh*re who David took from Lagos to PH beauty pageant.
Sylvester Oguche & Andrew Tor - friends of David who joined him in his lascivious & extravagant lifestyle.
Dolly, Esther & Dora - students engaged by David & friends in their lasciviousness.
Sharon - another of David's lovers.
Ada - girl Ene caught Ifenne with when he was cheating on her.
That's all the charaters in the novel, The Successor. Watch out for a well detailed summary of the novel composed by me to be published on this blog, unlike the other craps all over the internet.
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